Discover Pontevedra: A Hidden Gem in Galicia

Hello! Have you heard about Pontevedra? This Galician city is a true find, full of history and charm. Did you know that Pontevedra has its roots in Roman times? Yes! Originally called "Pontus Veteris", this city is much more than just a passing point. Do you dare to discover every corner of Pontevedra with me?

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The History of Pontevedra: A Journey Through Time

Pontevedra is not just a city, it's a time capsule. From its famous Old Bridge to the Roman ruins, each street tells a story. And let's not forget the pilgrims of the Portuguese Way of St. James who cross the city. Ready for a journey through time?

Pontevedra, More Than a City: A Home for Pilgrims

The city is not just a place of passage; it's a cozy home for thousands of pilgrims. The path that crosses the city is full of stories and traditions. Can you imagine all the stories these streets have witnessed?

A Day in Pontevedra: Essential Places

Only have one day to explore Pontevedra? Don't worry, I've got you covered. Here I show you the 15 essential places you can't miss on your visit. Ready for the adventure?

1. Peregrina Square: Heart of the City

We start our tour at Peregrina Square, a vibrant and lively place. Here you will find the unique Church of Peregrina and, of course, we cannot overlook the famous statue of Ravachol the Parrot, a unique character in the history of Pontevedra.


Plaza de la Peregrina casa rural camu


2. Sanctuary of the Virgin of Peregrina: A Symbol of Faith

Right in this square, we come across the Sanctuary of the Virgin of Peregrina, with its architecture inspired by a scallop shell. Did you know that it was built in 1778 and is a symbol of the pilgrimage to Santiago?


Sanctuary of the Virgin of Peregrina


3. Church of San Francisco: A Legacy of Faith

Can you imagine a church founded by Francis of Assisi? The Church of San Francisco, with its impressive late Gothic architecture, is a must-visit. Don't miss the rose window of the main facade and the medieval tombs. A journey to the past you can't miss!


convent of san francisco casa rural camu


4. Herrería Square: The Social Heart of Pontevedra

The Herrería Square is an essential meeting point. Surrounded by porticoes and full of life, this square invites you to immerse yourself in the authentic Galician atmosphere. Did you know that this was where the city's blacksmiths used to gather?


Herreria Square Pontevedra casa rural camu


5. Leña Square: A Charming Corner

My favorite square in Pontevedra is undoubtedly the Leña Square. With its vibrant atmosphere and surrounded by bars, it's the perfect place to enjoy a coffee while admiring the typical Galician cross. Isn't it charming?


Leña Square Pontevedra casa rural camu


6. Burgo Bridge: A Bridge with History

The Burgo Bridge is not just any bridge; it's a symbol of the foundation of Pontevedra. Although the original Roman bridge was replaced, its importance to pilgrims remains immense. Dare you cross it and follow in their footsteps towards Santiago?


Burgo Bridge Pontevedra casa rural camu


7. Municipal Market: A Feast for the Senses

The Municipal Market is a paradise for food lovers. From fresh seafood to local fruits and vegetables, this market is the perfect place to experience Galician cuisine. Ready for a culinary adventure?


Municipal Market Pontevedra casa rural camu


8. House of Valle-Inclán and Plaza de las Cinco Calles

In the Plaza de las Cinco Calles, you will find the house of Ramón del Valle-Inclán, a renowned playwright and poet. This square is a crossroads, both literally and figuratively, in the life and work of Valle-Inclán. A visit that will connect you with Galician culture!


House of Valle Inclan Plaza de las Cinco Calles


9. Basilica of Santa María la Mayor: An Essential Monument

The Basilica of Santa María la Mayor, or the Fishermen's Basilica, is the most significant religious building in Pontevedra. Its Renaissance facade hides a fascinating story. Did you know there are theories suggesting that Columbus might have been from Pontevedra?


basilica santa maria pontevedra casa rural camu


10. Ruins of the Santo Domingo Convent: A Historical Treasure

The Ruins of the Santo Domingo Convent are a living reminder of Pontevedra's rich medieval past. Although partially destroyed, this place remains a testimony to the history and culture of the city.


Ruinas Santo Domingo casa rural camu


11. San Bartolomé Church: An Example of Baroque

The San Bartolomé Church is an architectural gem of the Baroque style with Italian influences. Its history and its connection to the old Jesuit College make it a fascinating place to explore.


iglesia de san bartolome casa rural camu


12. Plaza de la Pedreira: A Square with History

The Plaza de la Pedreira is famous for its baroque palace, Pazo Mugartegui. Strolling through this square is like stepping back in time, with its sundial and arcades. Can you imagine living in the 18th century?


Plaza de la Pedreira casa rural camu


13. Plazas of Pontevedra: A Journey Through History

The squares of Pontevedra are the soul of the city. Each one with its own history and charm, from the Plaza del Teucro to the Plaza de la Verdura. Will you join me on this historical walk?


plazas de pontevedra casa rural camu


14. Pontevedra Museum: A Journey Through Galician Culture

The Pontevedra Museum is a compendium of Galician history. With six different buildings, it offers a complete immersion in the art, history, and culture of Galicia. A cultural experience you can't miss!


Museo de Pontevedra casa rural camu


15. Sculpture Islands Park: Art and Nature

Finally, the Sculpture Islands Park. This open-air museum combines modern art with the natural beauty of the surroundings. A perfect way to end your visit to Pontevedra.


Parque Islas esculturas pontevedra casa rural camu


Conclusion: Pontevedra, a Unique Destination

Pontevedra is much more than a simple stop on the Camino de Santiago. It is a lively city, full of history, culture, and beauty. Are you fascinated? Pontevedra is waiting for you with open arms. When will you decide to visit?


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