Discovering Galicia, 12 Best Places and Their Hidden Gems

Galicia, a land of mystery and beauty in the northwest of Spain, is a treasure trove of natural landscapes, cultural richness, and historical heritage. From wind-swept coasts to green valleys and medieval cities, every corner of Galicia promises a unique adventure.

This article, created with contributions from renowned Galician travel bloggers, will guide you through Galicia's most captivating places, each with its own story and charm.


1. Playa de las Catedrales, Ribadeo: A Matchless Natural Spectacle

La Playa de las Catedrales, near Ribadeo, is a natural wonder. Its arches and caves sculpted by the sea are a spectacle that attracts visitors from all over the world. I recommend visiting during the off-season for a more intimate and personal experience with nature.


Playa de las Catedrales casa rural camu

Don't forget to check the tide schedule to access its best-kept secrets.


2. Arousa Bay: A Paradise for Sea and Wine Lovers

The Ría de Arousa, in the south of Pontevedra, is a jewel with its stunning maritime landscape and famous Albariño wine route. I suggest a boat tour to enjoy the view of the mussel rafts and end with a tasting of fresh seafood and a glass of Albariño.

 bahia de aurosa casa rural camu


3. Cape Finisterre: The End of the Road

The mystical Cape Finisterre, known as the "End of the Earth," offers some of the most spectacular sunsets in the world. This place, full of legends, is a point of pilgrimage and reflection, where the true spirit of Galicia is felt.


cabo finisterre casa rural camu


4. Siradella Hill Lookout: A Dreamlike Panoramic View

The Mirador de Siradella in the Rías Baixas offers panoramic views of A Lanzada beach and the Cíes Islands. A short hike will take you to the top, where you can enjoy a breathtaking landscape. Bring along an Estrella Galicia beer for a perfect moment.


mirador de a siradella casa rural camu


5. Ribeira Sacra and Sil Canyons: A Journey to the Heart of Galicia

Ribeira Sacra is a magical place where nature and history intertwine. I invite you to explore its ancient monasteries and navigate the Sil Canyon, where stunning views and gravity-defying vineyards await you.


ribera sacra canones del sil casa rural camu


6. Redondela Viewpoint: A Fairy-tale Setting

From the Redondela Viewpoint in the Rías Baixas, you will observe the impressive Ría de Vigo and the Cíes Islands. It's a perfect place to capture the essence of Galicia in a single image.


mirador campo da rata redondela casa rural camu


7. Fragas do Eume: An Enchanted Forest

The Fragas do Eume, an ancient Atlantic forest, is one of the most valuable ecosystems in Europe. I recommend a walk to the Monastery of Caaveiro, where you'll find peace and serenity amidst nature.


fragas do eume casa rural camu


8. San Simón and San Antón Islands: A Journey Through History

These small islands in the Ría de Vigo have a rich history, from Templar monks to their use as a prison during Franco's regime. A visit here will immerse you in a fascinating and often forgotten past.


isla San Simon casa rural camu


9. Patos Beach: A Paradise for Surfers and Photographers

Patos Beach, known for its ideal surfing conditions and stunning views of the Cíes Islands, is a must-visit for sea lovers. Additionally, its connection with Galician literature adds a unique cultural charm.


Patos Beach rural house camu


10. Ourense: A Thermal and Cultural Oasis

Ourense offers not only relaxing thermal baths but also a rich history and a vibrant gastronomic scene. Explore its old town and enjoy the "viños" for an authentic culinary experience.


ourense rural house camu


11. Santa Comba Beach, Ferrol: A Natural Haven

This secluded beach is a paradise for those seeking tranquility. With its church on a small island and opportunities for snorkeling and hiking, Santa Comba is a place of beauty and peace.


santa comba beach rural house camu


12. Ourense Thermal Springs: A Natural Spa Accessible to All

The Ourense thermal springs offer a unique spa experience at affordable prices. Relax in the thermal waters and then explore the charm of the city's old town.


ourense thermal springs rural house camu


Galicia is a region that offers endless experiences and adventures. Each of these twelve places is a gateway to the essence of Galicia, a territory that surprises at every corner. I encourage you to visit and discover these treasures, as Galicia is not just a destination, but a journey through history, culture, and nature in its purest form.